SatmenSoft modules has been developed for clients to manage ITU processes (IFIC/API/CRC-C/Notification) and satellite frequency coordination activities effectively. SatmenSoft helps to address the key challenges facing satellite operators/administrators.

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SatmenSoft suite supports you during all the phases (advance publication information/coordination request/notification) of the filing. SatmenSoft enables you to perform IFIC analysis such as identifying the administrations causing harmful interference together with satellite network names and provisions, writing objection letter, ΔT/T calculations and creating reports. SatmenSoft also helps you to calculate approximately everything you need, which is concerned with the satellite frequency coordination process.

SatmenSoft modules assist in the numerous subject such as:

• processing and analyzing of satellite networks information filed with the ITU

• C/I calculation

• ΔT/T analysis

• RR 11.32A calculation

• calculated C/N values of filings

• frequency overlap

• preparation of priority tables

• interference calculation based on customized requirement

• IFIC analysis

• link budget computation

• intersystem interference calculation

• satellite coordination activities

• analyze the two line element data

Customized Software

Satmen Telecom develops software tools to satisfy the client’s needs. Please contact us if you have a specific software requirement.

You can trust your clever assistant SatmenSoft

* prepare priority tables

* analyze satellite networks of other party

* prepare proposals (power limits)

* find ways to persuade other party

* simulate interference environment

* check proposals with link-budgets

* determine advantages and disadvantages

* find a compromise solution

Key Features

We are working as your remote worker.

Interference sofware

We have developed our own software satmensoft to make powerful reports.

Power of the letters

Our support gives you the power to get your spectrum.

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